Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm thinking that maybe I'll see Kung Fu Panda sometime soon. I don't want to see the Incredible Hulk movie. Not right now, at least. Can probably skip the Star Wars one, too. I dunno. My brain is pretty tired.

Durham 3 is playing D&D 4th Edition: we're going to be three halfling brothers (a paladin, a warlock and a cleric). It'll be up to Remi to make us not get owned TOO hard. 

my brain is pretty tired.


Ted said...

I'm up for Panda sometime. Me -n- Remi were talking about seeing it sometime.

Remi said...

Let's make it happen!

erick said...

Joe, you've always had the innate sense of a gamer--I'm certain you'll do fine.