Thursday, January 10, 2008


Can we just get rid of the Ron Paul shit, please?
...Paul's campaign wants to depict its candidate as a naïve, absentee overseer, with minimal knowledge of what his underlings were doing on his behalf. This portrayal might be more believable if extremist views had cropped up in the newsletters only sporadically--or if the newsletters had just been published for a short time. But it is difficult to imagine how Paul could allow material consistently saturated in racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and conspiracy-mongering to be printed under his name for so long if he did not share these views. In that respect, whether or not Paul personally wrote the most offensive passages is almost beside the point. If he disagreed with what was being written under his name, you would think that at some point--over the course of decades--he would have done something about it.
I don't know if his politics are right vis: smaller government, Federal Reserve, etc. (I tend to think they're untenable). What I don't like is the promulgation of the myth that he's some sort of force of freedom. He's a lunatic.

That said, I don't have a blimp, so who am I to judge? Learn to love, Joe. Learn to love.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This is Funny in A Way that Makes The Icy Spectre of Suicide and I Have A Flirtatious Cup of Tea in the Arboreteum

From Gawker's new Sci-Fi site, io9.

The Feminists

I would say we've come far, but there's still a lot of anti-woman rhetoric out there. God No! A woman could never be President! She'll either destroy all men or be too weak for the job! That ball-busting bitch/wimpy woman!


Friday, January 4, 2008

A Quick Thought

So last night I was watching Waiting..., and I had a thought. I know that I might be wrong for thinking this, as I've cobbled this theory together mostly by hearsay, but:

Dane Cook might be palatable if he quits standup and becomes a character actor. He doesn't suck at that.

I dunno.

Barack Obama is a Good Public Speaker

He lilts nearly effortlessly between a sort of charismatic preacher pitter-patter to a hard-edged, "presidential" tone. He's damn good.

Now if we can get the Kuciniches and Ron Pauls and Bill Richardsons and Huckabees, Romneys, Giulianis, McCains, etc, out of the race, we'll have some real fun.