Monday, August 6, 2007


What a weekend. Let's break it down.

Friday: Well, okay. I spent most of the day working, as though there was nothing too special going on. I knew that Katie and Becky were holding a late housewarming party that night, so I hung around Carrboro, and met up with Becky and her parents, who took us out to my favorite restaurant, Fiesta Grill. I had chicken mole.

So the party starts later that night, and there is great turnout. I'm thinking to myself "This is a killer party, good job ladies!" Then Becky walks down the stairs and makes an announcement that I am actually attending MY OWN BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Somehow I did not know this. The party was not a surprise, but the purpose of the party was. Man, they put some effort into this, too. Katie e-mailed everyone in the company, except me. Becky baked me a red velvet cake decorated to look like a UFO abducting me (because she knows I like-a the sci-fi), then managed to keep it hidden in the attic.

I stayed up until five battle rapping with Marc Kennedy and Remi Treuer. I said some things I'm not proud of, but I play to win.

Saturday: Woke up late, wished Becky a safe trip up to VA (for her sister's birthday), went to Milltown for brunch with Jon Loftin and Marc Kennedy.

Slept until 3:45. Played the 7:30 ComedySportz show. I thought it went well, and I managed to get ALL FIVE THINGS. Was incredibly tired. Skipped The Bourne Ultimatum to go to bed.

Sunday: Did some improv. Got a new phone. Did some more improv. Played Superman, and a dick-sucking Dick Cheney in our class Harold. So. Much. Fun. Drank half a bottle of wine and tried to get through Babel with Katie Shutrump. Failed.

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