Wednesday, August 1, 2007

She is Kind of Hot Though

So, the band that might save rock and roll* and one of the great legends of popular music get on stage together. The result:

Watch that again. Wait until about the 2:35 mark. Is that Heather Graham? Trying to enjoy Arcade Bowie? I can't tell if she's succeeding. I dunno. It seemed strange to me.

*A big proclomation, but hey, this is the internet. I rather like them, at least.


Nick Faber said...

I know Heather and Heather's loving it.

a.p.heckel said...

a track list, in case you're ever curious --

tales from the ship: [ruptured rapture and] mutilated bellybutton

1. alan lomax - love my darling-o
2. panda bear - comfy in nautica
3. the walkmen - the blizzard of '96
4. warren zevon - steady rain
5. charlotte gainsbourg - night-time intermission
6. the gothic archies - we are the gothic archies
7. wire - practice makes perfect
8. blonde redhead - the dress
9. sonic youth - do you believe in rapture?
10. nico - i'm not sayin
11. the zombies - beechwood park
12. guided by voices - as we go up, we go down
13. swan lake - all fires
14. danielson - bloodbook on the halfshell
15. the rabble - golden girl
16. jennifer gentle - i do dream you
17. blonde redhead - loved despite of great faults
18. imperial teen - mr. & mrs.
19. orange juice - blue boy
20. wire - outdoor miner
21. warren zevon - werewolves of london