Monday, June 18, 2007

In Cheek

Last night I had a taco revelation. My new favorite taco meat is lengua (tongue). I got it from the taqueria that parks by Cliff's Meat Market. It was juicy, had a fun texture, and wasn't too grisly, which has been a problem with other tongues I've had before. I hit that up with some sauce and it was real nice.

So my girlfriend is a vegetarian, but she graciously allows me the latitude to eat meat to my heart's content. So I'm going to pose a challenge to myself to eat as many interesting cuts and types of meat as I can.

Any suggestions? I'll probably eat anything that isn't alive.


Alison said...

dude, how's your car?

Joe Stanton said...

alison: I hardly know.

Anonymous said...

bison is awesome. rattlesnake is good too. venison is okay in moderation as it is pretty gamey. rabbit meat is tender and delicious....there, four meats. go crazy.

Jason said...

In the Phillipines they eat duck embryos; you might try that. It's called balut: