Tuesday, September 9, 2008



This picture is backward because I scanned in the negative the wrong way. Used the bulb function on my Holga, held it real still.

I got a new/used/vintage Canon SLR from my main boy Ted Hobgood. Took a bunch of pictures at Dragon*Con. Waiting to get those back. In the meantime, look at this one Becky took.

abbie yawning.jpg

Abbie is the star of this shot.

EDIT: The camera Ted sold me is actually a Minolta. I'm crazy.


Ted said...

That is a damn cool typewriter shot. Makes it look like a train engine a-chug-chug-chuggin' along.

Joe Stanton said...

Yeah it's neat. Crazy! Also, I realize that the camera you sold me is a Minolta. Consider it corrected.

Julie Stanton said...

There is nothing like good old 35mm film....developing film was how I made my living for years. Do you remember PhotoGraphics? I love the pictures of the negatives too Joe. Negatives are beautiful but no one but printers(like me) ever looked at them. So, very nice!