Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If You Missed It

My two-man show with John Loftin, Extraordinary Rendition, played the opening show of the festival last night. Everyone rocked it, and I was especially pleased with our performance. We really left it all on stage, I think.

Come see some shows this week! There's a real treat of one tonight, Elaine and Siegel-prov.


Ted said...

I did not miss it; I was THERE! And I laughed uproariously. The sports commentary that segued into the religious drugtaking knocked my socks off. Excellent job of revisiting so many threads throughout the performance and bringing them all together to produce hilarity.

Way to ignite the festival, guys.

Ted said...

PS: your links in that post are a bit wonkity; they're prefaced with "", which makes 'em break. Take out that part of the code, and you're cool.