Friday, September 21, 2007

Sorry I'm in a Bad Mood, Blog

You should listen to Akron/Family.

I have a feeling I'm late to this band, but I like them. They were in Raleigh on the 17th. I hope they come back.


Nick Faber said...

Oh MAN. I totally saw them at 506 in September 2005!!!

They were / are awesome.

Check out their split with Angels of Light if you haven't yet. It's some of their best stuff.

Joe Stanton said...

I knew it! I wrote that post thinking "Man, I wonder what Nick has to say about this band." I'll check that out man. I've been cannibalizing your CDs hard lately.

Nick Faber said...

Haha... Yeah, I was originally writing that comment with my tongue slightly in my cheek, but then I was like, "Oh man, I also want to make a recommendation!"

I wish I had ripped more of my "real" CD's before I left, so you could be listening to the Kinks and Velvet Underground, too.

jenny said...

I just discovered them too and I have no shame about my late enjoyment.