Monday, September 24, 2007

Ditka is the Worst

So lately I've been listening to sports radio. Don't ask me why, I guess because my Gamecocks are doing pretty well so far and I want to hear about them. I've noticed, however, that talking heads on sports shows like to supply a lot of superfluous information.

An example:

The Detroit Lions and the Indianapolis Colts are playing today. The Indianapolis Colts are a good football team. Peyton Manning does great things with the football. Tony Dungy is a great football coach.

Do they think we're too stupid know that we're listening to a show about football, and that we lack the basic NFL background knowledge that the Lions are from Detroit and the Colts are from Indianapolis? Casual listeners usually don't settle on 620AM when they're browsing through the dial.


Nick Faber said...

I think what has happened is that we have far too much sports coverage, and the oversaturation of the sports media "market" has led to the hiring of more people who shouldn't be on TV, as well as a lack of real content.

Anonymous said...

Boo to Joe. Boo to Nick.

The reason that sports radio is overwhelmingly simple is that these are not "news" sources. They are "fan" sources. Even the national shows exhibit this fanaticism with national teams (most easily identified by the last champion in each respective sport).

The sole purpose of sports radio is to provide validation for the populist opinion and constant ammunition against any sort of opposition.

I think both of you are above going after an entertainment source by comparing it to a news source. But, if you must, please attack Two-and-a-Half Men, the number one show in America. Please? Pretty please?