Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Being Insane and a Douchebag Still not Illegal in the United States

Okay, so this kid is obviously a little insane (Skull and Bones conspiracy? Whatever.), but I'm glad he fought back. I don't have complete context, but did he get arrested for asking a question?


Remi said...

My understanding is that the kid was having a problem with the security guards before he asked the question, and they let him ask the question in order to calm him down, and then when they tried to escort him out, well, the rest of the tape happened.

Not sure, though.

Joe Stanton said...

Yeah, I've been reading about this, and I think he got what he had coming. That said, man, jeez. It was scary. The video makes it look like he's being arrested for asking a tough question. I just got spooked.

Erick said...

Well, I think the biggest problem was that he was resisting arrest, and if I heard the cops correctly, they were _telling_ him that most of the time. I respect his enthusiasm as you do, sure, but if you fight against the cops, you lose. They have tasers, end of story.

I'm glad the cops went through with it anyway, despite the fact that they knew there were cameras on them. It's hard enough for them to know what to do without each of their actions being spun in Web 2.0's version of "media" and misconstrued by (almost, now) millions of people.