Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More Things that are Worse Than Being Hungry (But Not As Bad as Genocide)

1. Torture Porn
2. The Mystery Method

3. The Underdog Movie

Note: Watch that whole clip. I can't believe that this creepy guy and his creepy nerd disciples are getting a TV show that validates their creepy psychological date-rape.

Other Note: Jason Lee is the biggest disappointment in the world. I mean, he's pretty talented. I sort of like the Earl show. But this shit? He's also in the Alvin and the Shit-Eating Chipmunks movie. You heard me.


Scott said...

I don't know how much more we can shoehorn between famine and genocide, but keep on cramming!

Nick Faber said...

I'd watch the pickup artist if it were hosted by Jason Lee.

"You just go up to them, put you forefinger over your lip, and say, 'My name is Earl.' Works every time."