Friday, August 24, 2007

I Know You're No Good

America* has been inundated with Amy Winehouse shenanigans for a while, and I think we may be getting burnt out on her. She's up for a VMA or two, she was "buzzing" for a while, and of course she's been all drunk and shit for a while. I think America needs a break from Amy Winehouse.

That said, she's really really good. I've been listening to Back to Black, and while it relies heavily on some considerably good background music and slick production, Winehouse's novel vocals and raw emotion really make it soar. It's an excellent album.


She can sing, she has a certain bizarre charisma, and she's unconventional. So now, Amy Winehouse, I have something to say to you:

Please don't die.

You are a year older than me. You have mountains of talent, and I know that crack is good, but jesus. I understand that your fucked-up-ed-ness informs your music, but you have to be alive to make it. Gain some weight, stop shooting herion into your clitoris, and make a few more albums before you die. I sort of imagine you making it to 35, becoming completely clean, and dying in a freak accident (maybe setting yourself on fire while ironing your hair?).

*Those of us who spend large amounts of time on the internet.

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