Friday, August 10, 2007

Are a Black Man and A Woman Really Okay With This?

Democratic frontrunners oppose gay marriage.

Hell, they oppose gay people, apparently.

I don't understand how advocating gay "civil unions" has suddenly become viable progressivism. If gay marriage is crowded out by gay civil unions, gay people are effectively relegated to second-class status (as if they aren't already sufficiently othered).

"But Joe, they'll have all the same rights as straight people! They can share property and kids and whatnot!"

Oh, boy! Let's replace "gay" with "black" in the equation:

Black person: Can I get married to another black person?
Politician 1: No! But I'll let you get "black person married". It's exactly like marriage, but it's not a marriage, because you people aren't allowed to get married. The Bible says so!

See? Fuck civil unions.


Anonymous said...

Since when did we get so semantic?

Marriage was conceptualized as a religious institution, and therefore, it should be up to the churches as to whether or not they allow gay "marriage". If a gay couple wants to be married, there is nothing stopping them. They just need to find a pastor.

The problem has been in obtaining the same property rights afforded in the country to politically "married" couples.

If these rights are now being extended, but politicians are making these changes under a different name to throw the right-wing conservitards off the scent, then so be it.

Personally, I am opposed to any rights given to "married" people that differ from the rights of "single" people, so I think that all of this is a crock of shit.

Joe Stanton said...

I understand that we'll probably have to comprimise, and I want gay couples to have the same property rights as straight couples in the end.

That said, if we set up a marriage system in which the minority is not allowed to participate in the same institutions as the majority, we're treading a dangerous path.

I dunno, maybe I'm too idealistic.

Becky said...

Even if these candidates wanted to back gay marriage they wouldn't. They are trying to get elected.

Ted said...

I just discovered your blog (for I am dense).

The "replace gay with black" thing is the most powerful argument you can give. Precisely what I think of every time I hear some closeminded rightwing bigot say that gays are less than human and can't possibly be allowed to marry because it will destroy the foundation of marriage, the church, and America itself.

We already went through all this once before, America. It wasn't so long ago when the powers that be patted each other on the back and said that black folks were less than human and couldn't possibly marry or vote or hold property or what have you. Pfah. Bastards. I can't stand ignorance or inequality. Makes me crazy.

Okay, rant over. Return to your normally scheduled program.