Thursday, August 16, 2007

And Yet I Eat Fried Candy Bars

Weaver St.'s breakfast is really pretty good. They have good syrup, blueberry pancakes, a few other things, and the coffee is generally excellent.

One thing on the breakfast bar is just unconscionable, though. There is an item called "tofu scramble," which is just unseasoned tofu floating around in some oily water with onions, peppers, and whatever other shit they have lying around. It's not the tofu that makes it bad. I like tofu when it's cooked with some intention, some thought. This shit is just tossed in a pan with some other stuff and slopped into a dish. It's the organic equivalent of the "Salisbury steak" they used to give us in the cafeteria to meet state nutritional requirements.

Anyway, this morning the woman in front of me in line spent an excruciating thirty seconds cherry-picking the soggy tofu out of the dish, ounce by ounce. I watched it, horrified. It was sort of like the first time I watched Un Chien Andalou. I didn't want to watch, but I couldn't turn my face away from the razor slicing the woman's eye open.

Don't go to Weaver St. for breakfast unless you are there way early. Apparently the unemployed of Carrboro have infuriating eating habits, and they all eat at 9:30 AM.


shoetrumpet said...

wasn't it a horse's eye? it's been a couple of years since i've seen it.

great movie.

the dynamo said...

It was actually a cow's eye, but the intent was that it was the woman's eye. Bunuel and Dali set a standard for film making that no one has been able to follow correctly.

Also, Joe, be careful about eating at weaver street any time of the day. I have worked in enough restaurants to know that the food is only as good as the people who prepare it, and Weaver Street employs the laziest people on the planet.

alison p.h. said...

aw man, my friend gabe cooks for weaver street, and i like eating there. don't listen to that guy the dynamo.

alison p.h. said...

oh also, i also took film class in college.