Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Start Spreading

Tomorrow I'm heading off to New York City to rendezvous with Becky's college girlfriends. I'll be there for the weekend, and have a feeling that I'll be doing a bit of shopping, and maybe trying to get out and see a museum, but a lot of that has to do with what Becky and her coterie want to do. I'd like to eat some righteous food, but I'm short on cash, so the restaurants I read about on The Amateur Gourmet (who has a disturbing entertainment budget for a "professional playwright") are out, and my rolling crew are mostly vegetarians, so I may not get to cruise by Katz's Deli (one of the highlights of my first NY visit). I do feel badly that I don't have more activities planned. After all, this is only my second time in New York, a city that makes futures** , and the jewel in the crown of the United States. Or whatever. So maybe I'll take some time tonight to think about what to see.

Of course, I'm a horribly nervous traveler, and I'm less prepared for this trip than for the last one I went on (which I survived). I'm not packed, my tickets aren't printed, and I've no idea how we'll get from LaGuardia to where we are going to end up (somewhere in New York, I guess).

Wish me luck.

**Please kick much ass, DSI people.

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alison h said...

don't spazz dude, if it's one thing new york has, it's an abundance of cheap, good-ass food. falafel is always a pretty good bet. and it's not like a deli is hard to come by, so the veggies can probably handle themselves while you pop into one and get a rueben or something. or you could go to chinatown and get like a pork bun or something. also, street vendors (probably mango on a stick). i'm jealous, dude, you'll have a good time.