Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Joe Stanton: The Show

If you can, come see me perform on the following days:

-July 19, 8:00 PM: My team, 1,2,3, Ingestion, will be playing during the improv jam.

-July 21, 9:30 PM:

I am hosting, as Phil Mitchum.

-August 4, 5:00 PM:

I won't be mad if you grown-ups don't come to this one.

-August 18, 7:30 PM: Regular ComedySportz.


Julie Stanton said...

I am not a grown-up, I am coming.

Julie Stanton said...

I screwed up. I read this post at work and somehow the photos didn't show up on that computer. I thought Matchgame was on August 4. I want to see Matchgame. Sorry Joe. I will drop back and punt.