Thursday, May 10, 2007

Will Scarlet

Big ups to Jason Morningstar for running our game tonight. It was ridiculously fun. We played a game in which we were Robin Hood's Merry Men, attempting to free Robin from the gallows and the sinister Guy de Gisbourne. I played Will Scarlet, the dandy with a flair for swordfighting and glory-seeking. It was really fun to play a character who is totally badass and fiery. I got to cut off Guy de Gisbourne's ruby-ringed finger.

That was weird.

UPDATE: Prince John, John Little, the Sheriff of Nottingham, the wicked Prioress of Kirklees, etc., were all represented by our GM. Hell of fun.

1 comment:

shoetrumpet said...

Guy deGuysborne?

did you play the gay porn version?

where is the sheriff of nottingham? or prince john? or lady merle?

will scarlett was the hot one. i'm not talking about christian slater. i'm talking about matthew poretta.