Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Physics of Scooter-ing

Yesterday, at the speedbump that lies kittycorner to the Harris Teeter dumpsters, a person riding a powder blue and white Honda Metropolitan rode by. This isn't remarkable, I know. What was remarkable was that, to drive over the speedbump, the driver (a young woman in some kicky sunglasses) jumped off of the scooter and sort of daintily pushed it over the speedbump, then jumped back on and started driving it again. It sort of reminded me of a Chinese wire-fighting trick wherin a combantant dances across a goldfish pond to allow herself (or himself) a break from the stylized pummeling she (or he) is receiving.

Was she afraid that she was driving so slowly that she didn't have enough momentum to make it over the speedbump without tipping over sideways? Does she have a very inconvenient compulsion that forces her to walk her scooter over every speedbump? What does she do about potholes?

I didn't check to see if she walked the scooter over the next speedbump, or the next.

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